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The businesses we have helped are active in the fields of e-commerce, fintech, crowdfunding, realtech, payment gateways, security, cloud computing, healthcare, manufacturing, wholesale, digital signatures, and many others.

Beyond simply asking “WHAT, WHEN & HOW”, we first focus on the “WHY” behind what you’re looking to build. We then break big work chunks down into smaller manageable parts. To keep things agile, we prefer to deploy small teams per assignment. Our lead developers act as project managers to remove unnecessary communication hurdles. This also ensures that our team will be truly thinking along with your business goals.

For startups

We offer

Rapid MVP development

Do you have an idea that needs to be tested on the market? Then you need to have a Prototype or an MVP implemented. We hit the ground running and deliver quickly. Think days and weeks instead of months or years. Once the traction is verified, we can turn the MVP into a scalable product.

Smart API development

We are experienced in creating new APIs and breaking up monolithic apps into small, self-contained, easy-to-understand, and extendable components.

Agile development

Does your development effort need an extra push, help with backlog, or expert competence in specific areas? Our team is available for both short and medium term contracts from as little as one developer for one week.

For businesses

We offer

Node.js feasibility assessments

Node.js is not suitable for every type of business or service. But it could be perfect for yours. To help you make the right choice, we provide Node.js and JavaScript feasibility consultations.

Legacy systems modernization

There are many outdated IT systems, which might still be working but contain technical debt that hinders innovation. We analyze your systems and propose a step-by-step plan for future-proof modernization with minimal disruptions.

Application security reviews

We help you to find and fix overlooked coding mistakes and improve the overall quality and security of your software. Our code-review services for Node.js and JavaScript web applications are offered by leading Node.js security experts.

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