NodeSWAT is founded on a simple idea:
You need great developers to make great products

We are “A Team” of “free range” Node.js developers. We run on (dark) humor and mutual respect. We do not micro-manage. Nor do we impose corporate policies. Our company structure is flat. Skills and commitment are valued over rankings. With us, you get freedom and the responsibilities that come with it. We also like board games and creative challenges.

Community and Education

We strongly believe in sharing our knowledge and helping the community by educating and Open Sourcing our work wherever we can.

node.JS Meetup in Tallinn

Oscar Wilde was right - the only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on.

NodeSWAT regularly hosts Node.js meetups to share the acquired knowledge with the community. Like minded enthusiast, professionals, and entrepreneurs gather to discuss ideas both big and small. Meetups have proven to be a good place where new candidates find our team.

We are always looking for new
talent to join the team

Join us
~ NodeSWAT - Summer Getaway 2016