Full-Stack Developer

nodeSWAT - Tallinn

Are you an experienced Node.js developer who digs microservice architectures? Then come join our top Node.js team and let's build elegant tech solutions internationally.

At nodeSWAT we help international clients to scale their businesses with modern technologies.


Role description

By joining nodeSWAT you are signing up for:
  • Developing full-stack solutions
  • Fast paced work environment
  • Actively thinking and acting along
  • Using variety of modern tech and tools
  • Participating in daily standups
  • Multitasking (occasionally)


Some essential requirements:
  • Growth mindset (very little is fixed in our work)
  • An eye for quality and love for agility
  • Courage to take proactive action
  • Ability to own your work and results
  • Keen interest in helping others
  • Good written and verbal English skills


Stuff that is up to you:
  • Start your day early or finish it late
  • Whether you drink coffee, tea or beer
  • Whether you laugh at our jokes or not

In a nutshell - we value attitude over raw skills & a good personality over qualifications. Skills and qualification can be developed, but attitude is hard to forge.

About nodeSWAT

We are A Team of "free range" Node.js developers. We run on (dark) humour and mutual respect. We do not micromanage. Nor do we impose corporate policies. Our company structure is flat. Skills and commitment are valued over rankings. We also like board games and challenges. With us you get freedom and the responsibilities that come with it.